Engineered wood flooring

While they share the natural grace and beauty of their more expensive solid wood cousins, Sanders & Fink engineered wood floors are a far more durable and sustainable choice. They’re also comforting and stable underfoot.

Made to last

Available in many natural designs and finishes, each engineered wood plank is created by precision-bonding individual layers of solid wood. The grain in each layer runs differently from those above and below it, giving superb stability.

Design unfettered

We offer a rich variety of styles, colours and finishes, from the simple and understated to bold and opulent. And if you can’t source exactly what you’re looking for, we’ll go out of our way to find the perfect match.

Sourcing only the finest wood from sustainably managed forests, Sanders & Fink creates engineered wood flooring that’s simply outstanding.

The Collections



Oak Parquet

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