Engineered Wood Flooring

Here at Sanders & Fink you can discover a fantastic selection of high-quality engineered wood flooring for your home makeover plans. Designed to blend into a wide range of interiors, our products bring the beauty of nature indoors while providing all of the advantages this innovative type of flooring has to offer.

Why choose engineered wood flooring?

Originally introduced to provide a practical alternative to solid wood floors, engineered wood flooring has taken the world of interior design by storm. More accessible than hardwood flooring but premium quality and durable, engineered wood floors provide the ideal flooring solution for modern homes.

These type of floors combine the warmth and unmistakable charm of solid wood with the convenience of new technology. Indeed, engineered wood flooring has become the most popular timber flooring option not only in the UK, but also worldwide. And since they use less wood than a hardwood floor, engineered wood floors are also kinder to the environment.

Featuring a multi-layered construction, these Sanders & Fink floors not only look as gorgeous as hardwood flooring, but they also feel more stable than solid wood underfoot. The perfectly balanced combination of materials that complement the solid wood layer ensure the durability as well as the impressive stability of our engineered wood floors. Simply put, Sanders & Fink floors are designed and crafted to stand the test of time – both in terms of their build and their appearance. Our floors suit bedrooms, living rooms, conservatories, and even kitchens (with a bit of care).

Engineered wood floors provide a range of advantages

Apart from their convenience compared to their solid wood counterparts, engineered wood floors are also surprisingly more stable than hardwood. This is because of their multi-layered build, which makes the most of each material to provide superior stability.

Unlike solid timber planks, engineered wood flooring doesn’t shrink, swell, or warp under exposure to different temperatures. As a result, our engineered wood floors can be installed over underfloor heating stress-free. That way, you can enhance the way your home looks and your level of comfort at the same time.

The design and finish of the planks is another advantage of Sanders & Fink engineered wood floors. Most planks come with finishes that give the floors more character and rustic charm, whether it’s a natural oiled finish or a fumed and hand scraped surface treatment. Lacquered floors that make cleaning easy and provide an extra layer of protection are also available, along with unfinished engineered wood flooring for the DIY enthusiasts.

Styles range from understated and neutral to bold and luxurious, offering something for every taste and décor requirement. Our Sanders & Fink engineered wood floors are all packed with character and natural beauty. Whether you prefer a rustic-style floor to bring the look and feel of a country manor into your home, or love the way grey hues complement your modern furnishings, you’ll find both of them and many more in our store. Plus, many of our engineered wood flooring comes with a practical click installation system, so you can easily transform your home in style.